Mission Statement

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Upcoming Events

There is always something going on at S.A.F.E. House. Click on our events page with our current and upcoming events.

Our Mission is to shelter and empower survivors of intimate partner domestic violence. 

Our Vision is to live together in a community where any form of domestic violence is unacceptable.

Our Values are RESPECT:

Resiliency – Ability to adapt to change and to recover from challenges.

Empowerment – Promote independence and increase self-confidence through education, tools, resources, and advocacy.

Safety – Foster a nurturing environment.  Promote a sense of security and wellbeing.

Possibility – Create opportunities through the promotion of S.A.F.E. House mission, vision, and values.

Empathy – Be mindful and sensitive of other’s feelings and situations.  Provide supportive and constructive feedback in an encouraging environment. 

Courage – Ability to possess strength to face adversity.

Trust – Demonstrate integrity in our relationships and communications.